Top Pomsky Breeder in New York

Top Pomsky Breeder in New York

When it comes to Pomsky breeders, we stand out from the pack. We proudly hold the distinction of being the only pomsky breeder in New York registered with the IPA (International Pomsky Association), USPKC (United States Pomsky Kennel Club), & Certified by POA (Pomsky Owners Association). Your peace of mind is our top priority, and our commitment to upholding the highest standards in breeding is unwavering.

At My Crazy Pomskys, we have the privilege of partnering with the world-renowned "Maine Aim Ranch Pomskies" Farm. Established in 2014 as the 7th Pomsky breeder in the world, Maine Aim Ranch Pomskies holds legendary status in the Pomsky community. This remarkable partnership ensures that every one of our breeding dogs comes from a long lineage of excellence and championship bloodlines.

We understand the importance of documentation and transparency when it comes to the heritage of our beloved Pomskys. Rest assured, all of our dogs have meticulously documented lineages, giving you confidence in their pedigree and quality.

Our commitment goes beyond breeding exceptional puppies. We take pride in providing a warm and friendly environment for our furry friends, ensuring they receive the best possible care and socialization. From their early days on the Maine Aim Ranch Pomskies farm to the loving homes they join, our puppies are nurtured with love, attention, and the utmost dedication.

We invite you to embark on a remarkable journey with us. Whether you're a first-time Pomsky owner or a seasoned enthusiast, we are here to guide you every step of the way. With our expertise and passion for these enchanting creatures, we'll help you find the perfect companion that will bring boundless joy and love to your life.

Don't wait to experience the extraordinary. Contact us today at (845) 866-1857 to learn more about our available puppies and reserve your new furry family member. Together, let's create cherished memories and embark on a lifelong adventure with a puppy from My Crazy Pomskys in Hurleyville, New York.