Preparing for Your Puppy

Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting and joyous occasion. At My Crazy Pomskys, we believe in providing you with all the guidance and support you need to ensure a smooth transition and a strong foundation for your puppy's development. Here are some essential aspects to consider as you prepare for your new furry family member:

Proper Puppy Nutrition

We take pride in giving our puppies the best start in life. Puppies requiring supplemental feedings receive goats milk puppy formula, and once they transition to solid food, we use Wellness puppy starter food. Along with that, we include Nuvet Plus & NuJoint Plus Supplements and Poland Spring bottled water to support their health and vitality.

Veterinary Care

Our puppies are up to date on vaccinations and undergo thorough health screenings performed by Catskill Veterinary Services. Additionally, they are dewormed every two weeks, ensuring their well-being and keeping them on the path to optimal health.


Socialization is key to raising a well-rounded and confident companion. Our puppies are exposed to various aspects of life, including interaction with humans, children, cats, and other dogs. From an early age, they learn to adapt and thrive in different environments, becoming social butterflies ready to embrace the world around them.

House Training

We believe in starting house training early to set your puppy up for success. Potty training begins at just 3 weeks of age, and by the time they transition from the whelping box to our living room at 3-4 weeks, they are already on their way to understanding the basics. We teach them important boundaries, such as not chewing on wires or furniture, and they naturally learn how to be well-behaved house pups.

Crate Introduction

Introducing your puppy to a crate can be a positive experience when done correctly. We gradually introduce the pups to crates and provide them with teething treats during crate time, ensuring they associate the crate with comfort and security. Crates can be a great tool for downtime, as long as your puppy doesn't view it as a punishment.

Enrichment and Training

We believe in a holistic approach to puppy development. Our enrichment methods include teaching basic commands like stay and sit, redirecting chewing behaviors to appropriate toys, and instilling good manners and obedience. We expose our puppies to various sounds and stimuli, helping to desensitize them and prevent negative responses. Early neurological stimulation, human contact from birth, and daily training basics create a solid foundation for their lifelong learning.

Remember, training a puppy is a joint effort. While we provide the initial training and education, it is crucial that you continue the training and maintain consistency once your puppy comes home with you. We are dedicated to informing and educating our puppy owners, ensuring a smooth transition and continued success in training.

As a testament to our commitment to your puppy's growth, we have partnered with Baxter and Bella to offer you access to exceptional online puppy training courses at a discounted price. Together, we can embark on a rewarding journey of love, learning, and companionship.

Prepare to welcome your new Pomsky into your home with open arms. Contact us today to reserve your extraordinary puppy from My Crazy Pomskys, where love, care, and training unite to create lifelong bonds.

Meet My Crazy Pack!

Moms & Dad

Our Stud Seamus

Introducing Our Newest Addition Seamus! Seamus was born at the World Famous "Maine Aim Ranch Dogs" Farm and we are beyond ecstatic to be able to add this incredible boy to our program! Seamus is the perfect balance of his mom and dad. He has his mama's eyes, his daddy's thick wooly coat. 

This boy is taking our program to the next level in every way. He is so laid back and calm. His intelligence is on point. This boy oozes healing vibes. Seamus is extremely obedient. He's a Good Boy with a heart of Gold. He Aim's to please and he sure did fit right in with our pack. I can't wait to meet his first litter with one of our girls!! Seamus is health cleared, comes from Championship Bloodlines, with Documented Lineage.

 Registered Name:

  • My Crazy Pomskys Seamus
  • Breed: Pomsky
  • Gender: Male
  • D.O.B: September 6,2020
  • Color: Silver/White
  • Weight: 15lbs
  • Sire: Maine Aim's Major
  • Dam: Maine Aims Kassi

Health Test:

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Nori is the true definition of a Pomsky! Her mom is the Legendary Anastasia & her father is Champ from "Maine Aim Ranch Dogs". Both Mom & Dad hold Championship Titles, and Lineage is documented. Nori has the dreamiest eyes. She is confident, smart, and intelligent. She is obedient, loving, loyal, friendly and loves to cuddle. Nori is a talker, she's comical and sings occasionally (depends on the song). Nori gets her silky soft coat from her mom and her spunk comes from her daddy. She is also registered with IPA, as well as her mom & dad. 

 Registered Name:

  • My Crazy Pomskys Nori
  • Breed: Pomsky
  • Gender: Female
  • DOB: September 1, 2020
  • Generation: F2
  • Color: White (Non-Standard)
  • Size: 25 Pounds
  • Sire: Maine Aim's Champ
  • Dam: Maine Aim's Anastasia

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My Crazy Pomskys Maya was born right here in our home! She's a Nori & Ali Daughter, and one of 2 girls we kept back from Nori's second litter. Maya is a F3 Rare Blue Standard Coat, with Blue Eyes. She's Incredibly Smart, and she definitely has the Best parts of Mom and Dad! Maya is Extremely Loyal, Loving and Very Protective of the people and dogs that she loves. She's very nurturing, and insanely intuitive. Maya has great instincts, and in my opinion she has the Greatest Voice in the World!!! I Love when Maya Speaks, her sound is deep and a bit Raspy, idk why but it's like music to my ears 😂 It makes my heart so happy!!

Gena, Gigi

Gena is another incredible pomsky from Maine's Aim Ranch Pomskies. Gena is out of Maine Aims Raven x Maine Aims NashAims. Gena and Ali have the same dad. Gena weighs 15 pounds; she has a husky coat with beautiful markings and stunning blue eyes! Gena's temperament is "the calm observer". She's that pomsky that will scan a new environment before she starts to play. She'll lay down with me while I watch a movie. Gena's also comical; her way of greeting us when we come home is by slapping our legs, then she takes my hand in her mouth and walks me to the couch or the bed, and she'll lay on her back for a belly rub. She yodels; she's a hunter at heart, and her obedience is on point. I never have to repeat myself with her. Gena is definitely my girl; she loves my husband, but she's my loyal protector. When I sleep, she's my bodyguard, and when my alarm clock goes off, she kisses my forehead until I wake up, then she comes and lays by my side for her morning belly rub. She's a wonderful dog. Gena's embark is flawless; she is also registered with the IPA (International Pomsky Association), and we are members of the POA (Pomsky Owners Association).

 Registered Name:

  • My Crazy Pomsky Gena
  • Breed: Pomsky
  • Gender: Female
  • Generation: F2
  • Color: Black And White (Non-Standard)
  • Size: 17 Pounds
  • DOB: 5/1/21
  • Sire: Maine Aims Nash
  • Dam: Maine Aims Raven

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Check out the incredibly beautiful Lucy which is a Moana and Major daughter! Lucy is a stunning dark chocolate or red girl. She has an amazing temperament and is such a joy to be around! We look forward to seeing what she will produce!

Registered Name

  • My Crazy Pomskys Lucy
  • Breed: Pomsky
  • Gender: Female
  • Generation: F2
  • Color: Red And White (Non-Standard)
  • Size: 18 Pounds
  • Sire: Maine Aim Ranch Major
  • Dam: Maine Aim Ranch Moana

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Ali **Retired**


Ali is an F2 Pomsky born at the famous at Maine Aim Ranch Dogs farm. Ali's parents are Snovia & Nash. His bloodline, his intelligence, his beauty, and his temperament have far exceeded our wildest expectations. This boy works so hard keeping an eye out on our puppies, and when they try to get into trouble he will redirect and correct them. He is my best friend, side kick, and training partner. Although he's retired from breeding, my boy will remain right here with me by my side keeping our Pack in check.

   Registered Name:

  • My Crazy Pomsky Ali
  • Breed: Pomsky
  • Gender: Male
  • DOB: May 14, 2021
  • Color: Black And White (Non-Standard)
  • Size: 40.2 Pounds
  • Sire: Maine Aim's Nash, IPA# F2B-20-344, 4/25/2020, F2B Pomsky
  • Dam: Maine Aim Snovia, IPA# F318-000, 5/18/2018

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