Pomsky Care: 5 Major Benefits Of Raw Meat Diet For Dogs

Pomsky Care: 5 Major Benefits Of Raw Meat Diet For Dogs

Posted on September 22nd, 2023

In the vast world of canine care, the diet we choose for our furry friends often takes center stage. 

After all, much like humans, the food our pets consume directly impacts their overall health, energy levels, and well-being. 

One breed that has been capturing hearts and homes across the U.S. is the Pomsky. 

A delightful mix of the Pomeranian and Siberian Husky, this breed boasts a unique set of characteristics that set it apart. Therefore, it’s only logical to ponder the question: what is the best diet for a Pomsky? 

Among the various diets available, the raw meat diet has been gaining traction and sparking discussions among dog enthusiasts and veterinarians alike. 

This blog post aims to delve deep into the benefits of raw meat diet for dogs, especially our beloved Pomskys

By the end, we hope to provide clarity on the age-old debate: should dogs eat raw meat?

Understanding the Pomsky Breed:

Ah, the Pomsky! A breed that's as charming as its name suggests. These dogs are a harmonious blend of the feisty Pomeranian and the steadfast Siberian Husky. With such a unique genetic combination, they bring forth characteristics that are both endearing and demanding.

Origin & Characteristics:

Originating as a designer breed, Pomskys quickly made their way into the hearts of many due to their wolf-like appearance combined with a more manageable size. They possess a thick double coat, alert expressions, and an energy level that could give the Energizer bunny a run for its money!

Dietary Requirements:

Given their active nature and specific coat needs, it's essential to provide Pomskys with a diet that fuels their energy while keeping their coat lustrous. As many Pomsky owners have found, not all commercial dog foods meet these unique requirements. This discovery has led many to explore alternative diets, such as the raw meat diet, to ensure their Pomsky thrives.

The Raw Meat Debate: Why Consider It?

For ages, the canine diet has primarily been influenced by what's available, affordable, and deemed nutritious. But as we understand more about specific breed needs and canine nutrition in general, we recognize that the standard kibble might not be the one-size-fits-all solution we once believed it to be. The raw meat diet emerges from this evolving understanding, beckoning us back to the ancestral eating habits of dogs.

Historical Canine Diet

Before domestication, wild canines hunted prey and consumed it raw. This natural diet was devoid of grains, fillers, and artificial additives that are common in many of today's commercial dog foods. Essentially, when we talk about a raw meat diet for dogs, we're harking back to what their ancestors thrived on.

Addressing Common Questions

Many dog owners ask, "Should dogs eat raw meat?" and "How often should dogs eat raw meat?". While the frequency might differ based on a dog's activity level, age, and breed, the underlying principle is to feed a balanced diet that replicates the natural intake of wild canines, albeit in a safer and more controlled manner.

5 Major Benefits of Raw Meat Diet for Dogs:

Switching to a raw meat diet can be transformative for many dogs, especially breeds like the Pomsky with specific dietary needs. While every dog is unique and might respond differently, numerous benefits make this diet worth considering.

Benefit 1: Enhanced Nutritional Value:

Raw meat offers an unadulterated source of essential proteins and fats. Unlike processed foods, raw meat retains more of its natural nutrients, providing dogs with a potent punch of what they need to thrive.

Benefit 2: Improved Coat and Skin Health:

Pomskys, with their thick double coat, can truly shine on a raw meat diet. Many owners report a noticeable difference in the sheen and texture of their Pomsky's fur after switching to raw meat. This is largely due to the natural oils and fats present in raw meat.

Benefit 3: Better Dental Health:

Dogs eating raw meat, especially with bones, experience a natural teeth-cleaning process. The act of gnawing and tearing at meat can help reduce tartar build-up and promote healthier gums.

Benefit 4: Higher Energy Levels:

A Pomsky is naturally energetic. Fuel them with the high-quality protein found in raw meat, and you'll likely see even more zest for life in your playful pet.

Benefit 5: Easier Digestion:

Raw meat is easier for dogs to digest compared to many grain-filled commercial foods. This can result in smaller stools and can be particularly beneficial for Pomskys or any dog with a sensitive stomach.

By understanding these benefits, one can better appreciate why so many are making the switch to a raw meat diet for their treasured four-legged companions.

Choosing the Right Raw Meat for Dogs:

Entering the world of raw diets can feel like stepping into uncharted territory, especially with questions like "What kind of raw meat can dogs eat?" looming large. While a raw diet harks back to the natural dietary habits of canines, today's domesticated dogs have evolved, and so have their nutritional needs. Here's a guide to ensuring your Pomsky, or any dog, gets the right type of raw meat.

Types of Meat to Consider:

  • Beef: Rich in protein and essential amino acids, beef is a staple in many raw diets.
  • Chicken: An easily digestible protein source, but ensure it's free from bones and skin.
  • Lamb: Great for dogs with sensitivities as it's considered a 'cooler' meat.
  • Fish: Oily fishes like sardines and mackerel are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Turkey: Another lean meat option, but similar to chicken, avoid feeding bones and skin.

Safety First:

Always ensure the meat is fresh and comes from a reliable source. Freezing the meat for a couple of weeks before feeding can help kill any parasites. Additionally, it's essential to balance meat with organs and bones for a holistic diet.

Safety Precautions and Best Practices:

Embracing the raw meat diet for dogs comes with its set of responsibilities. Like any diet, there are potential risks, but with careful planning and best practices, these can be minimized.

Hygiene is Crucial:

Always handle raw meat with care. Wash your hands before and after preparing meals, clean surfaces, and avoid cross-contamination. Dogs have a more robust digestive system than humans, but they're not immune to bacteria like salmonella.

Balanced Diet is Key:

While meat is a significant component, a balanced raw diet also includes bones, organs, and sometimes a small portion of fruits and vegetables. Ensure you're providing a rounded meal to prevent nutritional deficiencies.

Monitor and Adjust:

Every dog reacts differently. Monitor your Pomsky's health, energy levels, and weight. If you notice any issues, consider consulting a vet or adjusting portions.


While the raw diet aims to be comprehensive, some dogs might benefit from specific supplements. For instance, Omega-3 fatty acids or specific vitamins can be added based on individual needs.

Brief Mention of Other Dogs:

Though our focus here is on the Pomsky breed, it's essential to note that other breeds might have different dietary requirements. While many of the benefits of a raw meat diet can extend to various breeds, always do breed-specific research and consult with a veterinarian.

By being well-informed and adopting best practices, you can ensure that the raw meat diet becomes a beneficial and health-boosting choice for your Pomsky.

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The journey of pet ownership is filled with decisions, each echoing our commitment to our beloved companions. Deciding on the best diet for our Pomsky, or any dog, is undeniably one of the most crucial choices. 

Through this guide, we've unveiled the manifold benefits of raw meat diet for dogs, highlighting how it can significantly enhance the life of a Pomsky. From improved coat health to higher energy levels, the advantages are undeniable. Yet, like any dietary change, it requires research, dedication, and a dash of patience. 

But remember, the potential rewards — a happier, healthier Pomsky — are well worth the effort. If you have more questions or need tailored advice for your furry friend, we're just a call or email away. Reach out to us at (845) 866 1857 or [email protected]. For more insights and information, visit our contact page: Contact us to learn more!

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