Lindita Makovic

Hi, I'm Lindita Makovic, and I'm the breeder behind My Crazy Pomskys located in Hurleyville, NY. I'm first generation Albanian American. My parents came to this Country to live the American Dream and give us (their children) every possible opportunity. In 2004, I married my best friend Agron Ahmetovic and together we have rescued, raised, rehabilitated, countless animals over the years and now we're breeding together. Having a Best Friend/Partner in Life that shares your Love & Passion is Everything!!!

My love of animals has been going on since my childhood. When I was in 6th Grade attending PS 105 in Bronx NY, we hatched chicks in our classroom. That was the beginning of EVERYTHING for me. I asked my dad for chickens and he fenced up a chunk of land, got me chicks, ducks, geese, and turkeys. We also had a beagle named Puppy..My animals have always been my happy place! My purpose in life has always been taking care of animals. I've been on this journey for over 30 years rescuing, rehabilitating, rehoming & nursing animals back to health. Everyone that knows me knows I'll do anything for an animal.

Our pomsky pack was selected based on lineage and genetic testing to ensure health, temperament, and obedience. Looks are an added bonus! Our breeder, mentor, and friend, Karen McCullough, is the 7th pomsky breeder in the world. She has dedicated her life to bettering the breed. Her Kennel Maine Aim Ranch Pomskies was the first to ever breed a Rare Blue and Rare Lavender Pomsky. I'm being taught by the Best in the Game!! My dogs lineage can be traced back to the very first pomeranian and husky that were bred on each side of the family at Maine Aim Ranch Dogs!

We are here to breed designer, world-class pomskys with awesome temperaments, excellent health, obedience, and one-of-a kind personalities that will guarantee a loving, healthy, and beautiful pomsky.

Discover the Magic of My Crazy Pomskys: Where Love and Paws Collide

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