Gemma F3 Female Rare Blue-Blue Eyes

Gemma F3 Female Rare Blue-Blue Eyes


Gemma is moving to Florida!

Congratulations Jasmina!!

On October 4, 2023, My Crazy Pomskys Gena and Googie gave Birth to 6 Perfect Pomsky pups! 5 boys, and 1 girl. This is Gena and Googie's first litter and My Crazy Pomskys First-Themed Litter! Please allow me to introduce you to our "Sons of Anarchy" Litter

4 WEEK PUPDATE ON GEMMA: Gemma is breathtakingly beautiful! Gemma is a Rare Blue, blue eyed Pomsky with a perfect husky mask. She is a sweet girl. Gemma is Special! With her Bloodlines she'd be epic in a breeding program.
Check out this Epic girl...

These puppies are going to range in size between 12-17 lbs. As they get older and ween off of mom we will have a better guestimate of their size. This is Gena and Googie's first litter together and we couldn't be more proud of what these two produced. Both Gena and Googie come from Championship Parents and Grandparents. They were born at the World Famous Maine Aim Ranch Pomskies Farm in Southern Iowa. Their bloodlines are health-cleared and they only produce blue-eyed puppies.

Gemma Goes Home on 11.29.23 With:

✔️Bag of Pure Balance Wild & Free Salmon
✔️ Wellness Soft Puppy Chews (Training)
✔️Olewo Dehydrated Carrots
✔️ Earth Animal No Hide Bones
✔️Yak Bones
✔️ Puppy Bully Sticks
✔️ Beef Cheek Bones
✔️Large Plush Blanket (scented by mom)
✔️Health Card w/ deworming/vaccine info
✔️Health Clearance from Vet
✔️Chipped by Fi-Nano
✔️USPKC Registration
✔️5 Day Supply of NuVet Plus/NuJoint Plus Supplements
✔️5 Year Health Guarantee w/continuation of Supplements 

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