Jesse F3 Male Blk/Wht Blue Eyes-10-12lbs


Introducing My Boy Jesse!

Jesse is a Gorgeous Black & White floof ball with piercing blue eyes and he has an AWESOME temperament! Jesse is a perfect companion pup! He's Best Friend Material!! Jesse loves laying on the couch with us, but if I'm busy, I can hand Jesse a bone and he's content chewing on his bone while Mama gets her chores done! 

Jesse loves to play and he loves to snuggle. This boy has a Massive heart! He is so loving and even when he's in super play mode, he's still gentle with the way he plays with us. He's a funny little dude that makes you smile every time he stares at you lol. Jesse will hang out with me and watch everything that I do. It's like he studies me and he's learning my human ways. 

Jesse is an obedient boy. Both his mom and dad have mild temperaments. Jesse's bloodlines were created at Maine Aim Ranch Pomskies. Health & Lineage is documented. This boy comes from Championship Bloodlines with ZERO hx of Luxating Patellas or Hip Dysplasia.

Jesse's Mom Angel is out of Stella & Steele, and his dad Zion is out of Flare & Icon from Maine Aim Ranch Pomskies.

Jesse was born on March 18th, and he's estimating to weigh 9-12lbs fully grown. Jesses Mom Angel weighs 17lbs and dad Zion weighs 14lbs.

Jesse is up to date on all his shots, he is dewormed every 2 weeks, and he's got a clean bill of health from the Vet. His daily supplements consist of NuVet Plus & NuJoint Plus wafers & he is currently eating both Raw & Kibble feed.

We keep the pups on both Raw & kibble in case owners prefer kibble over raw, However I can tell you that feeding raw guarantees longevity. The right food, water & supplements play a crucial role in your dogs life. Our Raw Feed comes from MidWest Legacy Beef, and we use the "BLT + Ground Bone" feed for our pack & our pups.

I spent 6 months researching raw food companies because NOT all raw food is processed equally. MidWest Legacy Beef is the ONLY company that I called and spoke directly to the owners. They are small business owners and their meat is phenomenal!

Midwest Legacy Beef 

Here at My Crazy Pomskys we lay the Foundation by ONLY Breeding The Best of the Best Pomsky's in order to ensure Perfection with Health & Temperament! That's why we so Confidently offer a 5 Year Genetic Health Guarantee! Looks are an added Bonus, and size is never Guaranteed. We will always give you our best guesstimate for the adult size of our pups by the time they reach 8 weeks old. Our focus will ALWAYS be to breed dogs with Excellent Health and Great Temperaments. Food, Clean water, & Supplements play a Crucial role in your pups Longevity. 

My job as your breeder is to educate you on what we use and why we use it. My focus is solely on the Pomsky Breed. You have the freedom to choose whatever you'd like for your fur baby. 

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