Rachel F3 Female Blk/Wht Bi-Eyed 15-17lbs


Please allow me to introduce you to this Unique Girl Rachel!!

Rachel is one of the coolest Pomsky Pups I have Ever encountered. I Genuinely hope that if you're reading this you live close enough to come and meet this girl in person.

Rachel does not look like a typical pomsky at all. She's truly Unique in every way. I can understand looking at her photos and passing her off, but I can GUARANTEE that if you came and met all 5 of these pups you would Fall in Love with Rachel. Rachel is going to have a long Plush coat, she has 1 blue eye and one Very cool Parti eye (Part Blue part brown), and her mask looks more like an agouti type mask... It's very different. Rachel is estimating to weigh 15-17lbs full grown.

1. Rachel has this magnetic energy that pulls you in the moment you enter her atmosphere.

2. When I pick her up She HUGS ME. Legit Hugs Me!! Rachel presses her head on my shoulder and she wraps her paw over my arm and grips it. Rachel holds on tight. I've had dogs put their paws over my shoulders; but I have NEVER had a pup truly hug me before.

3. Rachel has a Phenomenal Temperament. She is so well behaved, so obedient, and ridiculously smart.

4. If you know me or if you've been following my breeding program, you know that I Always say "Looks are an added Bonus". It's sort've become an MCP Slogan! Most people that shop for a Pomsky focus on looks and I get it however if you only focus on the looks of a Pomsky you could be setting yourself up big time. Health, Temperament, & Conformation are the 3 things we focus on in our program. Its the 3 things that most people never think to ask about, and if you've ever had a conversation with me, you already know that I educate everyone I talk to about the Health, Bloodlines, Temperament, Obedience & Conformation of our dogs in our program. That's why we so confidently offer a 5 Year Genetic Health Guarantee on ALL of our pups.

5. Rachel is Beautiful inside & out. She's going to make someone VERY Happy in life. This girl is a Healer by nature! She is comforting, she is calm and well behaved. Rachel is an old soul. She is playful in the sweetest way. Rachel would be Great with kids, other dogs, cats, or simply being a single adults best friend!


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