Alfie Red/White Wooly - Blue Eyes Est: 21-24lbs

Alfie Red/White Wooly - Blue Eyes Est: 21-24lbs


Our Happy Boy Alfie is now living the dream in Upstate NY! Thank You so Much Heather & Daryl for choosing our boy to become a part of your family.

Introducing Ava's firstborn Alfie! This boy made Ava a mama! Alfie is going to have a beautiful red and white Super Soft wooly coat. Even though Ava has a standard coat, her coat is silky soft, and she gets that from her Mama Nori who inherited her coat from her mother Anastasia. These soft silky coats run in there bloodlines.

Alfie is now 8 weeks old and he is developing her personality. It looks like this boy is taking after his papa. He is very friendly and loving, and he's very laid back & Playful. He lights up every morning when I enter the room, and he runs over to me for a million morning kisses. Alfie has "Cool dude vibes", he's a go with the flow boy, just like his daddy. What I mean is, If you're watching TV, he's fine lounging with you. If you have to leave and go to work for 8-10 hours, he's fine being home by himself. He is NOT High Maintenance! 

Alfie is ranging around 21-24lbs. He has beautiful blue Husky eyes. Meaning his eyes have the almond shape which is a Husky trait. This boy would do great in any type of household. Whether you're home all day or you're out of the house working 5 days a week. He would be great with kids, or he'd be great without kids. Alfie is his fathers boy, meaning he thrives in any environment. 

Alfie is comical, just looking at him makes me laugh! When he plays; whether he's playing with a sibling, a human or by himself, the way he moves his body, the sudden head tilts, the paw motions, you can't help but laugh.

He also has a calmness about him. Instead of jumping up for attention, Alfie sits and stares up at you. He's a good boy, with a great temperament, that's comical and highly intelligent. 

Alfie is a smart boy. He's already showings how freaking smart he is. His grandpa is "My Crazy Pomskys Ali" and if you've been following us since the beginning you know how insanely smart Ali is. Ava did inherit a lot from her Papa, but when we look at Alfie we see Googie & Ali (Papa & Grandpa)

Ava was born in our home. She is the daughter of Nori x Ali. I have spent every day with this girl since the day that she was born and it has been a privilege watching her become a mom, and seeing her in "Mom Mode".

Googie a.k.a. Gru was born at The World Famous "Maine Aim Ranch" and he resided at "Lollipop Pomskies" up until July 2023. That's when he moved in with me. This boy has been a Game Changer for our program. He is Pomsky Perfection. Googie loves quiet time. He is content hanging out alone and. keeping himself entertained. He is also so goofy, funny, and loving. I love what he brings to the table and I love what he adds to our puppies. He was the missing link that we needed to excel in our program. So if you were searching for a standard sized Pomsky that is obedient, loving, funny, and ridiculously smart, then look no further than our boy Alfie!

As you continue your journey shopping for your perfect Pomsky Pup don't judge a puppy simply by their photos and Pricing!! You can easily pay a lot less for a new Pomsky Pup but you'll end up paying thousands more down the road due to health issues!!. My Crazy Pomskys is Proud to Offer a 5 Year Health Guarantee on ALL of our pups because we are Confident in our Bloodlines! Lineage is Documented and we know that our lines carry Zero Hx of Luxating Patellas, Hip Dysplasia, Crushed trachea, etc etc. Mom & Dad's Embark Panels are displayed. Our dogs have clean panels. Aside from Epic Health Panels we focus on Breeding Phenomenal Temperaments! That's the key to our program!! At the end of the day we all want a beautiful, Healthy, Obedient Pomsky Pup! Looks alone means nothing if your pup is destructive, stubborn and disobedient! 

My Crazy Pomskys works Super Duper Hard breeding the Total Package!! We are So Proud of our Dogs, their Bloodlines, temperaments, and the Beautiful puppies that they create for us. My Crazy Pomskys Breeds with Purpose!! We Better The Breed with EVERY LITTER We Produce!! Feel free to reach out and ask any questions you might have. We are here to answer all of them!!

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