Bart F3 Male Blk/White Plush- Blue Eyes-12lbs

Bart F3 Male Blk/White Plush- Blue Eyes-12lbs


Bashi is Moving To New Jersey!!

Congratulations Erin!!❤️

Available For Sale & For Stud Services!!

Introducing our Epic Little Man Bart a.k.a Bashi!!

This boy is the best!! He's full grown weighing in at 11lbs. Bashi has a short plush coat that's grayish silver with black tips. He's Embark tested, health cleared, dupdup, and he comes from Championship Bloodlines! Barts Dad Maine Aim's Icon Won "Best of Show" at the 2023 Pomsky Showdown!! 

Bashi has an Awesome Temperament!! He's an Obedient little dude with a huge heart!! He loves to play, he's Guaranteed to make you laugh, he gets along so well with other people, dogs & cats of All sizes, and at night time, he's your snuggle buddy!! Bart is crate trained, he has Zero issues sleeping in a crate; he will go in his crate to nap during the day without hesitation. He is a Very Independent little dude. He's potty trained indoors on wee wee pads, and outdoors. He walks great on a leash, and he fully respects Me as his pack leader!! 

Pet Price: $3,500

Stud Fee: $3,500

Pet + Full Breeding/Mentorship: $6,500

If you are a Breeder and you are interested in a pup for any program, please get in touch with us, we would like to know if our pups will be in great hands! If Approved Breeding/Mentorship will be an additional $2,500

Full Breeding Rights, No strings attached.

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