Gia F3 Female Rare Blue-Blue Eyes

Gia F3 Female Rare Blue-Blue Eyes


Congratulations Gia! One week after Marie chose Niko, she couldn't help but notice how tight Niko & Gia were so she decided that 2 is better than 1.

Introducing My Crazy Pomskys Pup Gia!

Gia was our 4th born in the litter. She is a gorgeous rare Blue girl with a stunning husky mask and she's presenting to be a micro as of right now! We sent out an Embark Panel for her.. Results will be posted here when they arrive.

This is Mayas first litter and we are ecstatic about this litter! Maya and Googie have phenomenal Temperaments, excellent bloodlines, & obedience. This litter takes My Crazy Pomskys to the next level of our breeding program. My Infatuation with the mind of a Pomsky is endless!! Most people look at a Pomsky and become obsessed over their looks, and then they shop around for the cutest pup they can find at the cheapest price, Which leads to a hyper, stubborn Pomsky, with possible hip/joint issues, no documented lineage, that's highly destructive.

When you buy a Pomsky from a breeder who is genuinely passionate about the breed you'll learn that we don't breed for looks. I know I don't. I breed based on temperament, bloodlines, & obedience... Looks are an added bonus. When you invest in one of My Crazy Pomskys, you're investing in a life changing companion that's going to be with you for the next 15-20 years or even longer! You're investing in a best friend, a shoulder to cry on, a comedian to make you laugh, a partner in crime, a protector etc etc. This breed is phenomenal for adults and children!

Our puppies are in homes already proving to be Protectors, Therapy Dogs, even Medical Dogs, without any training... If you're wondering How this is possible, the answer is simple!! They are bred for it! Pomskies have a Crazy High IQ. Their Intelligence & Intuition is unmatched!!

When I get stories about my puppies (now grown) alerting a family that their son is about to have a seizure minutes before he does, or a mom with MS that blacks out, who now gets a 60-80 second warning from her Pomsky before the blackout happens so she can sit down, or lay down instead of falling on her face without warning, it just reassures what I already know they are capable of. With one of My Crazy Pomskys, You are getting so much more than just a cute looking dog.

-Our pups come with USPKC Registration (which has replaced The IPA), they'll have clearance from our Vet, a healthcard with vaccinations, deworming & Chip info. A 5 year health guarantee, Plus All the goodies I send the pups home with... 

5 Weeks Old:

Little Gia is incredible! She's very sweet and loving. Gia is going to have a standard coat, blue eyes, and forever look like a 12 week old husky puppy. We began Sound Desensitization at 2 1/2 weeks old. The litter is exposed to a range of sounds such as thunderstorms, fireworks, birds, gunshots, sirens, bells, smoke alarms, crickets, trains, heavy metal music, etc etc. We also have mirrors in their whelping box so they become familiar with seeing themselves. 

They have been introduced to our pack and as of Thursday 1.18.23 they have moved out into our living room where we continue socializing, potty training, crate training, and teaching them how to live in a house without chewing furniture, wires, shoes etc etc..

Gia seems to be enjoying her new living area. She's adapting well and playing with our pack. Gia doesn't seem to be a talker, the only time I might hear a peep out of her is when she's hungry lol. We have started all the pups on NuVet Plus and NuJoint Plus Supplements and they are loving them which is incredible. They have been weening off of mom and are doing great with wet food. Gia & Louie were the first ones to start using the wee wee pad.

Gia is Awesome! Feel free to message me (845) 866-1857 for more pics and videos on Gia or her siblings Leon and Louie Stones. I create an album on Google Photos that has pictures and videos of the pups from birth, and you can also see daily updates on them. You can also check out more pictures and videos on our Good Dog Page.

Gia's Embark Results  

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