Hickory F3X Male Blk/Wht/Gray Eyes -15lbs

Hickory F3X Male Blk/Wht/Gray Eyes -15lbs


🐾❤️Our Beautiful Brothers Hickory & Hunter are going to be together Forever!!! These boys are moving out to a Ranch in California!! I'm so Excited to watch them grow up.... Stay Tuned for pics and updates of these boys as they grow in their new Home!!!❤️🐾🚨

Hickory, the adventurous little gentleman, is the embodiment of boundless energy and playful spirit. With his fluffy coat and twinkling eyes, he looks like a mischievous sprite ready to embark on thrilling escapades. Hickory's inquisitive nature drives his insatiable curiosity about the world, making each day an exciting new adventure. He's always up for exploration and will eagerly lead the way, uncovering hidden treasures in the great outdoors. When it's time to wind down, Hickory transforms into a snuggle bug, melting into your embrace with contentment. Let him be your partner in discovery and your companion in cuddles. Open the door to unforgettable experiences by bringing Hickory into your loving home today!

Our dogs are registered with the IPA and each pups has been registered with the IPA, as well as POA Certification. Hunter would be a great addition to any breeding program.

We offer breeding rights for an additional $2,500 to established Breeders Only.

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