Ike F3 Male Rare Blue/Blue Eyes 15-17lbs

Ike F3 Male Rare Blue/Blue Eyes 15-17lbs


Congratulations Reky Huang!! My Ikey is moving to CT!!!

Ike, the epitome of gentleness and affection, is a Pomsky with a heart of gold. His soft, expressive eyes speak volumes about the love and devotion he holds for his human family. Ike has an innate ability to sense your emotions, offering solace and comfort during challenging times. His warm and welcoming personality makes him an instant friend to all. Ike takes great pleasure in curling up beside you, providing a sense of tranquility and contentment that only a true companion can offer. Let Ike fill your life with unconditional love and unwavering support. Embrace the soothing presence he brings and welcome Ike into your home with open arms.

Our dogs are registered with the IPA and each pups has been registered with the IPA, as well as POA Certification. Ike would be a great addition to any breeding program.

We offer breeding rights/mentorship for an additional $3,000 to Established Breeders Only 

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