Jazz F3 Male Lavender/Green Eyes 12lbs

Jazz F3 Male Lavender/Green Eyes 12lbs


My Best Friend Jazz Moves To Brooklyn NY!! He's Living Life Like a King!!!

Congratulations Jasmine!!!!

Jazzy Jazz is a Small Dude with a VERY Big Heart!! He's just a sweet sweet boy!! Jazz is Best Friend Material... He's a Great Companion, he's easy going, doesn't bounce off the walls. Having a Great Temperament makes raising these pups a joy!! Breeding for Temperament makes your job so much easier. This boy is a People Pleaser... He's a go with the flow kinda guy.

Jazz is Estimating to weigh 12lbs full grown. He has blueish green eyes and a Rare Lavender Coat... This boy is Breathtaking... His Lineage is documented on both sides and he comes from Championship Bloodlines!! Both Mom & Dad are Title Holders. 

Our dogs are registered with the IPA and each pups has been registered with the IPA, as well as POA Certification. Jazz would be a great addition to any breeding program.
We offer breeding rights for an additional $3,000 to established Breeders Only.

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