Leon F3 Male Rare Blue-Blue Eyes

Leon F3 Male Rare Blue-Blue Eyes


Congratulations to Marie S.

Leon, Gia & Niko will spend their lives together in Long Island NY!!

Introducing My Crazy Pomskys Pup Leon!!

Leon was the 3rd born pup in the litter. Leon is a gorgeous blue-eyed, rare blue Pomsky with a husky mask. He is Perfect!! Leon looks a lot like Maya did as a pup. This is Maya's first litter, and we are ecstatic about this litter!

Maya and Googie have phenomenal Temperaments, excellent bloodlines, & obedience. This litter takes My Crazy Pomskys to the next level of our breeding program. My Infatuation with the mind of a Pomsky is endless!! Most people look at a Pomsky, become obsessed over their looks, and then they shop around for the cutest pup they can find at the cheapest price. In most cases this leads to a hyper, stubborn Pomsky, with unknown lineage, possible hip/joint issues, that's highly destructive, because it hardly had any human interaction or desensitization.

When you buy a Pomsky from a breeder who is genuinely passionate about the breed you'll learn that we don't breed for looks. I know I don't. I breed based on temperament, bloodlines, & obedience... Looks are a bonus. When you invest in one of My Crazy Pomskys, you're investing in a life changing companion that's going to be with you for the next 15-20 years or even longer! You're investing in a best friend, a shoulder to cry on, a comedian to make you laugh, a partner in crime, a protector etc etc.

This breed is phenomenal for adults and children! Our puppies are in homes already proving to be Therapy Dogs, even Medical Dogs, without any training... If you're wondering How this is possible, the answer is simple!! They are bred for it! Pomskys have a Crazy High IQ. Their Intelligence & Intuition is unmatched!! When I get stories about my puppies (now grown) alerting a family that their son is about to have a seizure minutes before he does, or a mom with MS that blacks out, who now gets a warning from her Pomsky before the blackout happens so she can sit down, or lay down instead of falling on her face without warning, it just reassures what I already know they are capable of.

With one of My Crazy Pomskys pup, you are getting so much more than just a cute looking dog. -Our pups come with USPKC Registration (which has replaced The IPA), they'll have clearance from our Vet, a health card with vaccinations, deworming & Chip info. A 5-year health guarantee, Plus All the goodies I send the pups home with...

Leons Weekly Pupdates:

2 WEEKS OLD: Leon is doing great; Mama Maya is producing plenty of milk. Eyes are open, and we're seeing blue eyes for Leon!! As of right now Leon is one of the sweetest boys... He melts in my arms, and he seems to love snuggles.

3 WEEKS OLD: Leon is a Lover!! He is finding his voice, discovering new things, he loves staring at himself in the mirror. We began Sound Desensitization on Saturday January 6th. For the next 5 weeks they will hear continuous sounds such as Thunder, heavy rain, trains, sirens, variety of gun sounds, fireworks, different music genres, birds, crickets etc etc. We do this so as they go thru life and they encounter these random loud sounds, they won't freak out and develop anxiety. Instead, they will continue with their day, and they won't be phased by the noises. So far this has proven to work great with our pups, and we've received so much positive feedback from our puppy owners.

Leon is developing his personality and so far, he's a Lover... I literally call him "Mr. Lover Lover", or "Leon The Lover". We trim their nails every 3 days and Leon is by far the easiest pup for nail trimmings. He also Loves being held. Leon melts in my arms. We introduced them to water on Monday January 8th and Leon was the first one to drink out the bowl and he really enjoyed drinking water. As of right now I'm estimating Leon to weigh around 20-25lbs and I believe he's going to have a standard coat. 

5 Weeks Old: Leon is doing Great! He is a Lover. Leon absolutely takes after his mama!

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