Luca F4 Male Silver Sable Short Plush Coat-Blue/Amber Eyes Est. 18-22lbs

Luca F4 Male Silver Sable Short Plush Coat-Blue/Amber Eyes Est. 18-22lbs


Luca is Moving to Syracuse!! He's a Christmas Surprise for a 9 Year Old Girl!


Description: Silver Sable, Short Plush Coat, 1 Blue, 1 Green eye. Est: 18-22lbs.

11 1/2 Week Old Pupdate on Luca: Luca continues to shine as he awaits his future Guardian. He's walking Great with a Leash, he is loving his bones, he's enjoying playing with our pack and most importantly he loves his humans. Luca is what Best friends are made of. He is a Great puppy, that is very well behaved. He is happy, loved and well socialized. Luca has a short plush coat that is super soft and super easy to handle. His coloring is stunning. Silver Sables are so Beautiful!! Training is easy with Luca. He is a people pleaser. Luca is a Special boy and I'm blown away that he's still here, but when his owners finally come along the wait will be worth it. He is Life Changing and he is going to fill someone's world with Love!! My Crazy Pomskys breeds puppies specifically for calm Temperaments, Health and Obedience; Looks are an added Bonus!! Luca will stay by your side when you're outdoors, he'll be your protector in your home, your best friend, your snuggle buddy and your comedian. Luca is your loyal soldier!
We are holding our first ever Holiday Sale as a Thank You for having such a Successful Year!! Luca is More than ready to fly the coop and begin his new life!!

8 Week Pupdate on Luca:
He is the sweetest boy in the litter...
Luca stays by my feet, he doesn't care to run off; Luca just wants to enjoy life with his humans.

Luca is Very Laid Back, Loves to Cuddle. He listens, He Aim's to please and he Loves being rewarded!

Luca has a calm and loving energy about him! He oozes healing vibes!! Luca is Great with kids, he's great with our cat Ziva, Great with people & obviously great with other dogs of all sizes .. He's a Loyal Soldier.. Luca would fit right in with any type of household... He'd do Great with a single person that's looking for a best friend. Or a married couple wanting a dog.. Luca would also do Great with children. He's the perfect dog to teach kids the true meaning of Friendship (Love, Laughter & Loyalty)... I could go on and on about how incredible he is and what he has to offer in this world.

Luca likes to play but he's not hyper... He even plays in a gentle manner At 7 1/2 weeks old, Luca is already showing how intuitive he is... Calling him a good boy doesn't come close to how Awesome he is!!

Luca Has all the characteristics of a therapy dog... As a breeder, I truly couldn't be more proud to have such an awesome pup in my program...

5 Week Pup Date on Luca:

My Sweet boy Luca with a side of Comedy!! Little Luca Loves his humans!! He's drawn to kids and seeing him play with our nieces and nephews has been beautiful!! Luca likes to follow my niece around and when she sits down he's right by her side. He's a pretty quiet pup for the most part but every now and then when he does speak he always speaks for a reason. Lucas a fun little guy that has a gentle touch.. Pomskies are funny, they will either grab a treat out of your hand while swallowing your fingers or grab a treat I. The most delicate way possible... Luca is the delicate eater. My gentle giant Ali is a delicate eater and I LOVE watching him eat and I especially enjoy hand feeding him because he's so gentle with every bite... Luca has a beautiful coat.. his undercoat is silver and black. Its really cool. He is going to be Bi-eyed like his mama. His coat is going to be a shorter Plush Coat; Very easy to manage. Lucas estimating to weigh around 15lbs full grown. Luca had his first bath earlier this week and he literally fell asleep I was washing him. He Loves Bath time and the massage he got while I was soaping him up with NuVets Oatmeal Conditioning Shampoo was so relaxing he passed out on me!!. He's such a Cool boy. If you're interested in Luca feel free to message me for more pics/videos on this awesome boy!! He's Absolutely worth the visit!!

4 Week Pupdate on Luca:

Ohh Luca you little cutie!! Luca flashed red eye as well, so for now he's showing to have Blue eyes. Luca is Awesome!! He's the perfect mix of mom and dad. Luca Greets me as soon as he hears the door to his room open. He gives the cutest little bark and then runs over to me. He definitely got messy the first 2 days of learning to eat from a bowl but now he's Mr. Clean! Luca likes to play after he eats but all his siblings take a nap after they eat and sometimes that makes him sad and he goes around trying to wake them up. Then he'll look at me and run over and I tell him "It's ok buddy I'll play with you" and he starts wagging his little tail and it makes him lose his balance , so his butt drops down and next thing you know he's sitting down next to me like "What just happened". These little moments or milestones are so awesome. Luca has a beautiful husky mask, and his coat is really beautiful. He's forever going to look like a husky puppy which I Love!!

Welcome To The World Luca:

   On Thursday August 24, 2023 Judas & Nori Blessed Us with 9 Epic Puppies!! ⁣
At 1 Week Old All The Pups Are Doing Great! Everyone is Growing Daily, & Mom is Doing Phenomenal!!!

Meet our handsome stud muffin Luca!! This boy is a sweetheart. He's a MUSH! I'm Obsessed with him! Luca is a sweet boy and despite his eyes and ears not being open yet; Luca Always knows when I enter the Whelping Box and he will wiggle his little butt right on over to me and give me kisses. Luca has a Beautiful Husky Mask and a Stunning Silver Coat that gets even more beautiful everyday as his coat continues growing in. There's just something Magical about Silvers with black husky masks. Luca is Perfect!! I'm so excited about this boy. I've probably said this in every one of my puppy listings, but I'm Truly So Excited and so Grateful for this litter. My Goal was to breed Pomsky Pups with the Greatest Possible Temperaments and not only did I achieve that, but these puppies are so darn Beautiful. We have worked really hard selecting what I like to call "Thoroughbred" Pomskies. The Best Championship Bloodlines, Temperaments, Health Cleared in every generation, with Documented Lineage, Registered & Certified, Plus Mentorship by 2 of the Greatest Women I know with the Greatest Programs. The way these pups look on the outside is truly the Icing on the cake! They are going to change lives for the better and I look forward to the stories, pics and videos that I'll receive as these babies grow up.⁣

My Crazy Pomskys is The Only Pomsky Breeder in NY with Championship Bloodlines, Epic Temperaments, Obedient, and Excellent Conformation!! Our Pomskies are Registered with The IPA, USPKC, & Certified By POA. All of Our Pups will have first 2 rounds of shots, bi-weekly deworming, Health Certificate from our Vet, USPKC Registration, & Fi Nano Chip.⁣1 Year Standard Health Guarantee. If Supplements Recommended are used continuously we offer a 5 Year Health Guarantee!⁣

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