Maira F3 Female Red- Blue Eyes

Maira F3 Female Red- Blue Eyes


Congratulations Kathryn & Heath! Maira is going to live a wonderful life with you both in CT!!

Introducing My Crazy Pomskys Pup Maira! This pup was Maya's first born which makes her extra special right from the jump. Maya was born in our home; she is the daughter of Nori x Ali. This is another milestone for our program. Raising this girl and watching her become a mom is an honor.

Maya has a calm temperament. For the most part, she's a quiet girl who loves the outdoors during the day, and snuggling in bed with me at night. Maya's Intuition comes from her Papa Ali. She can read the energy of your mind, body, & soul in 10 seconds or less and know everything about you, and whether or not you're a good person. Maya is a protector by nature. Our Stud Googie (a.k.a Gru) is a very special little boy that is already proving to take our program to the next level. Googie is extremely laid back and easy going. He is content hanging out on his own or relaxing with our pack. Googies parents (Maine Aims Kassi x Maine Aims Major), are retired Championship Title Holders, as well as Mayas grandparents from both her moms side & dads side.

I am so excited to watch these puppies grow. The anticipation of watching their personalities develop and seeing their temperaments is like waiting for Santa to come on Christmas Eve!

Maira is a Gorgeous, unique, busy marked red pup. She has a dark red mask, with a light red body, and golden tones on her face. Maira is breathtaking, and her coloring is extremely rare. This girl doesn't have any white shading on her body. I have no doubts that her personality and temperament will be phenomenal!

Our pups come with USPKC Registration (which has replaced The IPA), they'll have clearance from our Vet, a health card with vaccinations, deworming & Chip info. A 5 year health guarantee, Plus All the goodies I send the pups home with... 

If you'd like to join our wait list, feel free to text me 845-866-1857.

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