Mandie F4 Female Blk/Wht Plush Coat Blue Eyes

Mandie F4 Female Blk/Wht Plush Coat Blue Eyes


Congratulations Samantha B!. Maddie is our first pup to move to Staten Island NY!!

Were excited to watch this girl grow up with you!!!

Description: Black/White Plush Coat w/ Gray Undercoat, Blue Eyes. Est. 12-15lbs.

8 Week Pupdate on Mandie: 

Mandie is the cool pup on the block!! She's Amazing!! Mandie is a Cuddle bug, She's Funny... So So Funny.. She's Sassy,.. She's Beautiful, She's quiet, But Her Eyes Speak Volumes!! I can always tell what mood Mandie is in based on her eyes... Whether she's in full play mode, or in cuddle mode, her eyes are full of expressions.. Mandie is a Good Girl.. She listens, she doesn't make trouble in the house, she's a tiny little living breathing teddy Bear. Mandie looks like a stuffed toy that's come to life. She really is a tiny little thing. Mandie Oozes "Feel Good" Vibes!! Her Energy is so Beautiful. She's healing and joyous! Mandie makes you look forward to life. Just looking at her brings a smile to my face. Her mask is Very Cool... She has a Spunky mask to match her spunky personality. Maddie was health cleared by our Vet, She's received first 2 rounds of Parvo/DAPPV Shots, dewormed every 2 weeks, she gets NuVet Plus & NuJoint Plus Supplements daily. This girl is ready to move out and share her life with you!!

5 Week Pupdate on Mandie:

Mandie is Awesome!! She is Super Sweet, Playful, Cuddly and Smart!! Mandie is patient, she is gentle, and man she's adorable!! This girl has a huge heart in that tiny little body of hers!! Mandie is forever going to look like a 8 week old husky!! She's a Show Stopper! Mandie has a beautiful energy, you can't help but feel happy in her presence. She's healing by nature. Mandie stares in your eyes and she the world just feels like a better place! This girl is our smallest pup, guestimate right now is around 12lbs.

4 Week Pupdate on Mandie:

 Our Little Nugget Mandie is Awesome!! She's so sweet, so delicate, so stinking beautiful!! Mandie is showing to have Blue eyes.. She's quiet and super loving!! This girl takes her time eating and she's very careful not to get food anywhere but in her mouth!! Mandie is a Mush!! She's going to bring great comfort and joy to someone's life.. I love watching her grow up.. She's walking so well, practicing her running.. She makes me laugh because they're all starting to play with one another and Mandie plays so delicately with her siblings.. She's got that gentle touch. Pomskies are either heavy handed or super gentle and Mandie is Definitely super gentle!! 

Welcome to the World Little Mandie:

  On Thursday August 24, 2023 Judas & Nori Blessed Us with 9 Epic Puppies!! ⁣
At 1 Week Old All The Pups Are Doing Great! Everyone is Growing Daily, & Mom is Doing Phenomenal!!!⁣

Introducing My Littlest Munchkin Mandie!! She is the smallest in the litter and she's adorable!!! Her little beauty mark is a trait she gets from her Grandma Skye (Judas's Mama). Mandie weighed 6.3oz at Birth and she's thriving!! I'm Head over heels obsessed with this girl!! Mandie is like most of her siblings. She falls asleep in my arms. She's so calm, so relaxed; there's no hesitation or super wiggles when I pick her up. I'm Absolutely Obsessed with how calm these pups are. I'm So proud of our program and so Very Excited to watch this sweet little girl grow. Mandie has a very cool, very Unique Husky Mask. She has a solid black coat with a dark gray under coat. She Definitely has her daddy's coat. This girl is Truly a Daddy's Girl!!❤️⁣

My Crazy Pomskys is The Only Pomsky Breeder in NY with Championship Bloodlines, Epic Temperaments, Obedient, and Excellent Conformation!! Our Pomskies are Registered with The IPA, USPKC, & Certified By POA. All of Our Pups will have first 2 rounds of shots, bi-weekly deworming, Health Certificate from our Vet, USPKC Registration, & Fi Nano Chip.⁣
1 Year Standard Health Guarantee. If Food, & Supplements Recommended are used continuously we offer a 5 Year Health Guarantee!⁣

Mentorship/Breeding: Upon Approval Full Mentorship & "No Strings Attached" Breeding Rights will be a One Time Fee of $3,000 per Kennel.⁣

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