Remi F3 Female Black & Silver Wooly

Remi F3 Female Black & Silver Wooly


As of 6.4.24 Remi is still here because I can't seem to let this girl go. She has my heart. I don't need Embark to tell me how FREAKING AWESOME Her temperament is. Remi is Phenomenal. I know her Bloodlines are Free and clear of carrying anything bad, her Conformation is perfect, she is so well behaved and so stinking good, I would be a Complete Fool to let this girl go.

11 Weeks Old: My sweet girl Remi is her mamas Mini Me! This girl has a mild temperament, she is so mellow and laid back. Remi is too good to be true. She inherited her mamas temperament, so for right now she is on Breeder hold. Im waiting for her embark results.

for the time being she is on hold, however if you're interested in her don't hesitate to reach out. Technically I don't even have a stud for her, but her temperament, & conformation are so perfect that I had to send in her embark and see where her DNA stands. Remi is estimating to weigh 10-12lbs full grown. She has a beautiful black & gray wooly coat and she has 1 blue eye, and 1 parti eye (blue/amber)..

5 Week Pupdate: Little Remi is weighing 2.8lbs at 5 1/2 weeks old. She is Mama's Mini Me!! Truly one of the sweetest, most obedient, most loving, therapeutic Pomsky puppies you will ever encounter in your life GUARANTEED!!🐾❤️ Remi is estimating to weigh 10-14lbs. She's the second smallest in our litter. She has a Gorgeous Wolfy gray & Black coat that is also Guaranteed to stir up conversation every time she's out. The most beautiful thing about this girl is her Epic Temperament.. Remi is that pup that will never need redirecting. That's how her Mama was. She is a people pleaser and most importantly she's Obedient, so when you tell her something once it's done; you don't have to repeat yourself. This girl even plays gently.... She's Truly Magical, and her little body has perfect Conformation. I couldn't be more proud of this girl!!

This Little Nugget Remi was our 2nd born pup! Remi was born on 2.22.24 at 1:37am weighing 9.30oz. We added a photo of Remi just minutes after being born so you can see how much she has lightened up over the last 11 days. Remi is going to have a wooly coat like her daddy, and as she grows the silver shading will come out more and more. Remi has a Stunning coat and a beautiful reverse husky mask with Nose Bars. 

     This is another girl I am Definitely keeping my eye on because she is Truly Stunning!! 

     Mama Mina weighs 19lbs and Papa Googie weighs 13.9lbs. Lineage is Documented, and everyone is health cleared through Embark. Minas Grandparents & Great Parents are Championship Title Holders; as well as Googies Parents & Great Grandparents! 

     Here at My Crazy Pomskys we believe in breeding with Purpose! Our dogs are bred based on Health, Temperament & Obedience. That is our Foundation for bringing Healthy, Happy Pomsky pups into the world! Combine that with great food, NuVet Supplements, Fresh Water, & a Loving environment; and you have the perfect formula that will allow your pup to thrive and live a long healthy life! We are Proud of our dogs and their lineage. We have been Mentored by one of the Best Pomsky Breeders in the World, and because of that we are Proud to offer a 5 Year Health Guarantee for ALL of our Pups! 

     All Pups will be Registered with USPKC, Have a Health Clearance from our Vet. They will be Chipped with a Fi-Nano Chip. Parvo shot will be given at 5 weeks old & DAPPV at 7 weeks old. All pups are dewormed every 2 weeks beginning at 2 weeks old. 



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