Stormi F4 Female Rare Blue-Blue Eyes

Stormi F4 Female Rare Blue-Blue Eyes


Miss Stormi is moving to Maine!

Congratulations Carole! Welcome to our Crazy Pomsky Family!!

4 Week Old Pupdate on Stormi: 

My Little Stormi! So cute, so fluffy, with beautiful blue eyes. Stormi is a lover! She's adorable!! Stormi is doing so well eating and drinking from bowls. She's loving her meals. She's another one that cleans her face like a cat after each meal. Stormi has the cutest sitting pose. She genuinely sits on her tush with her back legs stretched out and it reminds me of Gena when she was a puppy.

   On Thursday August 24, 2023 Judas & Nori Blessed Us with 9 Epic Puppies!! ⁣
At 1 Week Old All The Pups Are Doing Great! Everyone is Growing Daily, & Mom is Doing Phenomenal!!!⁣

My Beautiful Stormi!! My Sweet Beautiful Stormi!! My heart melts just thinking about this girl!!! She's as Sweet as Honey. I got my first Kiss from Stormi when she was 3 days old; and before you say "she was probably looking for a Nipple, there's a Huge difference between a pup giving you kisses and sucking for a Nipple lol. Stormi is Always Relaxed, she enjoys being held, she has such an Impressive energy about her.. I think this girl is going to be Wooly like her Mama. Stormi is Breathtaking! Stormi's Rare Blue, with an Incredible Husky Mask, Epic Parents, and Championship Bloodlines!! All 4 of These Girls are Impressive! Don't be surprised if I keep one for myself to continue Nori's Legacy!!⁣

My Crazy Pomskys is The Only Pomsky Breeder in NY with Championship Bloodlines, Epic Temperaments, Obedient, and Excellent Conformation!! Our Pomskies are Registered with The IPA, USPKC, & Certified By POA. All of Our Pups will have first 2 rounds of shots, bi-weekly deworming, Health Certificate from our Vet, USPKC Registration, & Fi Nano Chip.⁣
1 Year Standard Health Guarantee. If Food, & Supplements Recommended are used continuously we offer a 5 Year Health Guarantee!⁣

Mentorship/Breeding: Upon Approval Full Mentorship & "No Strings Attached" Breeding Rights will be a One Time Fee of $3,000 per Kennel⁣

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