Ziggy F3 Male Black/White Plush-Blue Eyes

Ziggy F3 Male Black/White Plush-Blue Eyes


Congratulations Caroline!! Our baby boy Ziggy has a New Mama & a New Name! His new name is Axel and he is now living the Good Life in MA.

I Look forward to watching my boy grow up and I know he will Guard his Mama with his life!🥰

Ziggy was born with a white colored "Z" on his head. His markings alone give him Spunk. Since the day he was born every time I entered the whelping box he would crawl over to me. Ziggy began teaching himself to walk at 8 days old. At first we thought "Maybe his eyes opened early" but they hadn't. He's what we love to call an "Advanced Pup". Ziggy is that kid that's so smart they skip a few grades. Well this boy has been advanced in his behaviors, and his development since he was born. This is now Genas third litter and she has created an Advanced pup in each litter. Her first litter was Comet, last litter it was Happy, and now Ziggy! At 6 weeks old, Ziggy is behaving like an 8 week old pup. He understands commands, he is taking directive, he observes EVERYTHING!! Ziggy is going to have a Plush black & white coat, he has blue eyes and he's estimated to weigh 15-20lbs.. Feel free to contact us for more information, pictures and videos on Ziggy

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